Kev_McCormack Jesus christ. Pub karaoke at it's worst. #thevoice
Kev_McCormack I had surgery last week. When I recovered, Snoop Dogg delivered a lengthy, impressive speech about my was a hip hop oration.

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Welcome to the official website of Irish Actor & Voice Artist Kevin McCormack.  Please take a few minutes to look at what he’s been up to since he started working in the last millennium. Have a look at his show reel and listen to some of his voice work.  Though based in Co.  Cork, Kevin has a good sense of direction and a car with up to date tax, insurance & NCT and will work anywhere on the island of Ireland. Kevin will happily take work in other countries also but refuses to drive to such engagements.

“When I first saw Kevin McCormack act, I actually pooped myself a little.” – Al Pacino

“Hey fat boy, get off my chair.” – Vinnie Jones


Kevin McCormack started his acting career at the tender weight of twelve stone.  He possesses a credible natural acting style and is also a strong character actor. A versatile professional, Kevin brings a wide range of skills both verbal and physical to his work and is as comfortable in dramatic roles as he is in high comedy.  Proficient in accent and dialect, Kevin is also a first-rate mimic who has excellent comic timing.

I hope to God someone hires Kevin soon.” - The Manager, Allied Irish Bank, Fermoy.